Interaction designer / Creative coder

I'm based in Madrid

I like to design and prototype, to create new stuff.

I have good knowledge of the many technologies involved in today's digital products, but I also have the design sensibility to think about the experiential qualities of those products and their connection with people.

I communicate well with technical teams, design teams, clients and users.
I have a profound devotion for what I do, and I easily pass it on to the people I work with.

sergio AT

Twitter (spanish) Linkedin (spanish)

Formal education:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering by Carlos III University (5 years engineering) (Madrid, Spain)
  • Master in Interaction Design by the University of Malmö (Sweden)

Comprehensive list of projects, workshops and stuff I've been involved in the last years.


  • Feburary Re-Organising Madrid Creative Coding Group. meetup
  • January Globos luminosos para Desfile de Reyes Magos Madrid, city council. ThingsHappen.
  • January Web, Dataviz oblika








  • November DreamHamar Ecosistema Urbano. Hamar, Norway
  • November CityFireFlies Pixel Festival, Bergen, Norway
  • September SolConCer UPM-Madrid. Instituto Cerámica Castellón
  • June WhereDoWeGo Visualizar. Medialab-prado Madrid
  • Februrary-June Intern job FJORD-Madrid
  • January City Fireflies. 1st prototype Global Game Jam. Medialab-prado Madrid