Campaña Ahora Madrid

A local new "political party" composed of neighbors, social movements and people from different political parties emerged in Madrid. I was part of the small activist IT team in charge of developing and designing the webs for the primary election, fund raising, collaborative program and general election.
The new party was created just in time for the elections. In a couple of months we had to build many tools for the party in order to be ready for the election: a web for the primaries, a web for the campaign, a platform to create a collaborative electoral program, a crowdfounding platform. Many people joined the movement with the hope of winning the city council and taking it away from traditional political parties. I joined the digital participation group and spent quite a lot of time doing front-end coding, basic UX and visual design for the different webs. And of course everything within a more than tight schedule...
(at the end we won)

Crowdfounding - Primary elections

Team: Grupo participación digital Ahora Madrid
Context: Activism,
My Tasks: Web design, UX-Product, front-end coding
Tools: Sketch, HTML/JS/CSS