AMICa Advanced Mapping of Industrial Capabilities for Climate

Interface based on Sankey diagrams using data from neo4j graph databases. Data comes from an extensive semantic analysis of scientific publications and patents. The goal is to detect opportunities in the field of biofuels.


Design & develop an interactive Sankey diagram (also known as Alluvial Diagram) pulling data from a Neo4j database available on an online server. The Sankey diagram should have 3 columns (generically described as input, process and input) and should be interactive in the form of highlighting of the flows, text descriptions when the pointer is over specific areas, and filtering of the elements represented in the diagram (making use of data coming from the Neo4j database).

My Tasks

Interface design & coding. Backend connecting nodejs to Neo4j database. Frontend made with d3.

Available at
Team: With Alfredo Calosci
Context: freelance,
My Tasks: Concept, Coding
Tools: Sketch, D3, HTML/JS/CSS, nodejs