Digital Collateral Damages

A small research on the qualities that we lost in the transition from the physical things to the digital devices
Digital collateral damages is a name to describe the qualities that we enjoyed in the pre-digital world and we miss now with the digital devices. A digital collateral damage can be a house without books because all of them are in the computer or the lost of surprise while traveling through a a new territory because we are always guided by GPS.

The main goal is find the qualities we liked, to bring them back to the digital age, designing digital technologies that connects better with our inherent embodied nature and desires.

This is a research video sketch, but here you can see a video that briefly make some questions and draw some answers to the current state of annotating digital books.

Team: Sergio Galán
Context: Concept for school exercise
My Tasks: Prototyping, Concept development, Scientific research, envisioning
Tools: Adobe After effects, Premiere