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What is life cycle thinking? This online course aimed for developing countries explains the fundamentals of this way of thinking.


UNEP is the UN department in charge of environmental issues. They wanted to develop a scientifically correct and amusing e-learning course about Life Cycle Thinking. Our team at inviable.is created the whole course both in english and spanish
I was in charge of the technical direction of this module as well as creating interactive content for a voice a script.


The E-Learning Module Kit draws on materials from the Life Cycle Initiative and it is aimed at helping give all participants an overview of life cycle approaches while developing understanding as to how to assess the impacts of any given sustainability issue considering all of its life cycle stages. The module is also intended as a guide to which kind of LCT tools are to be used to which purpose. This module is made up of four parts: an overarching introduction to life cycle thinking (1), < and its applications in public policies (2), businesses (3) and by consumers (4) respectively.

Available at Connected action impact. ECF
Team: Inviable.is company
Context: Commision,
My Tasks: Concept, Coding