Ministry of Misinformation

Distorting data is distorting reality.

In a near future where decisions are data driven, interfering in the capability of systems to retrieve data implies a shifts in decisions. In a future where our perception is influenced by data, modifying data is changing reality. In this future, hacker and activists groups will use data alteration as a way of protest and changemaking.

The Ministry of Misinformation is an emergent, populist digital DIY movement to distort reality by distorting urban data. Everyday people are using MoMi tactics and benevolent (and mischievous) acts of misinformation to influence their world by adding surprise back into the mix.

Data, fiction and reality merge in a world you cannot just trust.

The project is part of the "city data future exhibition" shown in Rijeka, Venice, Aarhus
Team: Robert Cloud, Sergio Galán Nieto, Han Pham
Context: Workshop on critical design and urban interaction Design
My Tasks: Concept, video.
Tools: After Effects, Premiere. Ethnography, posits.