Noisock is a dancing game to create songs by mixing creative commons samples.(student project)

Brief & context

"Soundify" a common object was a 2 days project. We began creating a bowl-sequener and we keep working on a couple of weeks more until it reached ts current appearance and functionality.

What is Noisock?

A music game to create songs mixing (creative commons) samples using body movements. It is a combination between a simple hit-based sample instrument and a music sequencer.
It is a paradox that the most famous musical electronic games like "Guitar hero" or dance dance revolution are not completely musical games. In both the sight is the main sense involved, and the game consist on following different colour patterns whether dancing or pressing buttons.
In Noisock the player must listen the music that he already has done, and the new sounds on the mat, and play the ones he feels that fits better, just like in a traditional musical instrument, but with help. Noisock automatically adjust the tempo to make every sample sound on its right time.

The samples.

Legally, it is not possible to use music samples from copyrighted songs. There are several places on the Internet where its users upload music and sound under Creative Common licenses that allow them to be used in 3rd party creations.

Those samples are, commonly, used by amateur musicians that usually are concerned by copyright legislation. Music consumers are not usually worried about music rights more than copying and playing. A game like noisock is not possible under the traditional copyright system, In noisock the samples are taken from Creative Common sources. Because noisock is a game that can be, potentially, played by anyone, using CC samples is a way to show to the pop music consumer the contradictions of the copyright system.

How the prototype works?
It consist of an electronic mat, a Nintendo Wii controller and a visual interface. There are different soundsets in the game. Each soundset has nine sounds that are connected to the nine discs in the mat. Stepping over the mat the user can play the different sounds. The player can improvise or record the sound patterns to create loops. Using the wiimote is possible to modify the samples, the loop or change the soundset.
New soundsets can be created and downloaded from the net.


Easy to learn and funny to play: You don't loose or win. Like in a music Jam,
It is skill based: the more you play the better you are.
It is a social game, two players can use it at the same time and several people can enjoy it in a social situation.

More information

A paper about noisock was accepted in the Sider 2010 conference. If you are interested you can download it . On it, you'll find more about the design process and the goals behind noisock:
· How to make users aware of the value of freedom in pop culture?
· Create musical games based on ears, not vision.
· Engage the whole body in a creative musical experience.
Team: Sergio Galán, Matt Henessey, Adeel Rashid.
Context: School project. Physical Computing.
My Tasks: Concept development and physical prototyping
Tools: Bodystorming, Arduino prototyping, Body storming, Software prototyping with Processing and Open Frameworks