A web tool to easily write visual art for the medialab-prado media facade.

Programalaplaza (CodeTheSquare) is a programming environment to write visual art for the medialab-prado media facade. We designed and coded an environment where people could write their sketches using Processing.js language, see how the sketch fits into the low resolution facade and submit the result when it was ready. On the management panel, managers can approve and choose the sketches to be shown in the facade together with their timing.

The tool includes an API to detect the position of the people in the square, and the posibility to connect with external API's from web services. Programalaplaza is used as a prototyping tool to quickly develop stuff for the facade.

The first "call for projects" was part of the "after-arco" program within ARCO, the Madrid International Contemporary Art fair.

Code the square. View in this video the submitted project in the first open-call


Noches bajo un lienzo digital: Arte en la edad del silicio ( blog)
Team: Sergio Galán, Victor Diaz, medialab-prado
Context: Comisioned by Medialab-prado for the city-art-program of the "Arco" art fair
My Tasks: Concept, project coordination, Coding
Tools: Processing.js, mongodb, Javascript/Css/HTML5