Retag is a unique tagging system that enhances the emotional connection between individuals and products while encouraging responsible re-use of discarded objects.
A first prototype of re:tag was developed during the Interactivos? Workshop that was held between 7 and 23 of June in Medialab-Prado, in Madrid. The aim of re:tag is to enhance the emotional connection between individuals and objects promoting their recycling.

Individuals wishing to get rid of appliances, furniture or clothes can re:tagge their objects for reuse and recycle just by telling the objects' stories. They will have to leave a voice message on a database describing the story of the to-be discarded object. Then they have to attach to the object a costumed tag with a unique code number and a telephone number. And at the end they dispose of the object on the street or any other location. By dialling the instructed number, neighbors or passerby will listen to the voice message that tells the story of the object. By fostering trust in the object, the aim of the project is that people will be more likely to re-use these objects, thus reducing the overall waste within the community.

Using re:tag

Leaving objects, telling stories. A person who wants to discard an object will leave it in a re:tag node. For leaving the story that she wants to tell about her object she will have to dial to a selected phone number. An automated phone switch board will guide her and will record the story; after that the system will provide her with a four digit code number that she should write on the tag to be attached on the object. The last step now is to finally leave the object in the re:tag node. Listening stories, recycling objects. The second scenario pose us in a re:tag node; it could be a street, a shop or even a private house. Somebody goes to the node or simply passes by a street in which an object has been re:tagged and left, in the tag he can find information for listening to the story of the object. He just has to dial the number in the tag, enter the code number and that's all.


Re:tag was a submitted by Sandra Davila to the "Interactivos 10 call for projects"

Interactivos? is a research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology. Its main goal is to expand on the use of electronic and software tools for artists, designers and educators, thus contributing to the development of local communities of cultural producers in this field.
Interactivos? events are a hybrid between a production workshop, a seminar and a showcase. A space for reflection, research, and collaborative work is created, in which proposals selected by an international open call are developed, completed and displayed. The Process is open to the public from beginning to end.


My tasks

I joined Interactivos10 to work as a collaborator in Sandra's team. I work with her designing the service that emerges from her core "Re:tag" concept. We thought about users and about possible scenarios, clients, business, NGOs to implement it etc,
My second task was to program the prototype. Using my previous experience as a PBX-Asterisk programmer i made the software to receive and process the calls.

This prototype was exhibit in the Media Lab prado during the month of July.
Team: Sandra Dávila Sergio Galán, Federico Andrade, Adolfo Estalella, Rodrigo Calvo, Carlos Cochón, Marianna Suarez, Gabriel Lucas, Madeleine Claire Elish.
Context: Interactivos workshop. Medialab Prado.
My Tasks: Prototyping
Tools: Asterisk Voip Software