The challenge was to transform scientific data from architectural research into a digital tool that practitioners could use.

Project Context

Castellón is a western region in Spain with an historically strong ceramic industry. But this industry, as most of the industries related to construction, has been quite exposed to the Spanish economic crisis. To increase market opportunities, The Ceramic Promotion Institute and the ABIO research group within the Madrid School of Architecture started a project to model the qualities of the different ceramic materials according to the different uses and the Spanish legislation.

About the end of the project I was hired to design a useful tool which could transform all the results from the research into an attractive piece of software: this software would help architects to find the best ceramic material in their buildings, providing ceramic materials with a competitive advantage above other materials.


Within a very tight schedule the team had to deliver a full design of the tool, key wireframes with the visual design and an interactive demonstrator. I worked together with the ABIO researchers to understand their work and transform it into the kind of tool that practitioners need. During this project we made wireframes, user testings, an interactive prototype in HTML and a small video to be used in presentations.


The prototype was introduced to the Castellon Ceramic Institute and the ceramic industry in November 2011. Our work exceeded client and industry expectations and the software became one of the most important parts of the SOLCONCER project. Currently (October 2012) the scientific research is over and the software will be coded probably during the next year.
Team: Sergio Galán, Grupo ABIO-UPM (Scientific research), Marco Pacagnella (visual designer)
Context: I was hired by the university and the Castellon Ceramic Institute to design a software and a demonstrator for their scientific research.
My Tasks: Project Management, Concept, Interaction Design
Tools: User testing, Adobe Fireworks,