Sonic Skate Plaza / Sonic Skate Sao Paulo

The skateboard is a musical instrument in this augmented skatepark.

Sonic Skate Plaza was the real time version of Pablo Serret de Ena's video Brygger Virke utifran ett Betongbo (ChvlaVista Series I)". It was first developed as part of "Solid interfaces and Urban Games", a workshop that I organized at Madrid's Medialab-prado.
Sonic Skate Plaza is an intervention in a public space where La Plaza de Las Letras (Madrid) becomes a scenario for a "skated orchestra"; an interface that generates sound compositions from the activity of the skate, used as an instrument.

This first prototype was a collaborative effort together with the different participants in the workshop. Coding: Daniel P García , Fernando Lozano, José Manuel González, Reza Safavi . Audio Tracks : Hugo Sierra .

After this first prototype it was included in Connecting cities 2013

Later that year, Sonic Skate Plaza travelled to Sao Paulo in October 2013 where we developed the project on a large scale for the month-long exhibition SP_Urban at Art Gallery Digital SESI-SP, the largest media facade in Latin America. On Avenue Paulista, a large ramp and skate park was built in the square in front of the building for the project. Sponsored by Verve Cultural, the Exhibition continued through November 2013.

In the news:

My participation in this project started by helping Pablo to prototype different ways of generating live audio from a skate, like adding an accelerometer below the skate.

tabacalera04 b from Sergio on Vimeo.

Then a year after during the workshop, the project took another direction and I helped again doing the sound programming in pureData and some visuals for the sao Paulo installation together with Pablo and Reza.
Team: Pablo Serret, Sergio Galán, Reza Safavi
Context: Art Festival
My Tasks: Sound Programming, Visual programming
Tools: puredata, processing