Where do we go

Where Do We Go? is a data visualization tool that investigates aspects related to the environmental impact of using different means of transport.
Life cycle analysis is a super-complex methodology to asses environmental impacts. Beatriz and Irene are researchers in this field at the School of Architecture.

They both felt frustrated because the environmental thinking in society is limited to "This product is green" and "This is not green”, while actually things are much more complex.

Therefore, they attended to visualizar with the goal of making something that let them comunicate the different impacts of our consumerist society and create a debate around it.
Visualizar is a collective workshop where people from different backgrounds join together. I personally felt very interested in the field so I joined them.

During the two-week workshop, we decided to focus on our personal transport as a way to explain these different impacts. Otherwise is very hard to explain such a complex and messy issue if you try to explain everything.

My contribution here was to think of a good way to explain the complexity of the environmental issues and also to code the whole prototype.

The result tool is available at wheredowego.es

Process and design motivations

I think interactivity is a good way to make people understand complex things. Instead of showing a big amount of static information. My goal was to create a tool that let people understand the impact issues through the interaction. So I wanted to make it playful and reactive to user changes.

We decided we wanted to make it personal, helping people to think about their mobility decisions, so the tool is focused on building your own impact identity through a year.

Team: Beatriz Rivela, Irene Cuerda, Lilian Doring, Sergio Galan, Martin Nadal and Christian Diaz.
Context: Visualizar11 Workshop at Medialab prado
My Tasks: HTML5 programming, Concept development.
Tools: Javascript, Raphaël.